Sunday, April 26, 2009


So tomorrow is the day. The day where the mass will be cut out of Micah. I am starting to get very nervous about it. I don't want Micah to have surgery. I just want him to be healthy and happy, mass free, but I want the mass to just disappear on it's own. This just doesn't seem fair that Micah has to go through this. Grrr...yes that is me getting angry. I'm beginning to feel it build up and seap out a little bit, or maybe it's been building for a little while and I am just now starting to let it out a little bit.
I know God is with Micah. I know that God has a plan. I know that God will take care of our little man. I am just fearful of what can happen with the surgery.
We just sent Noah to Phil and Donna's house (Noah's Godparents) for the night and day tomorrow so that we don't have to worry about him tomorrow. Having him leave was heartbreaking. I've been away from him before (when Micah was born and when Micah was in the hospital for two weeks) but this time it was just harder. I love my boys and hate to have them away from me.
So anyway, I guess I just ask for prayers right now. Pray that Micah is well taken care of and that Noah has ALOT of fun with his Godparents (I know he will...he LOVES them to pieces).
I will try to update tomorrow as the surgery goes and after.



Connie / Tom said...

Seth & Melinda,
You have been in our prayers and will continue to be. Know that God WILL keep you strong and hold you up. We need the valleys in our lives to realize that God is holding us up. He will bless Micah and the doctors.We love you all in Christ.
Connie & Tom

Carrie and Marty said...

I said a prayer for Micah today that God will bless the hands that touch him today. I said a prayer for your family today that no matter what the outcomes are that you are able to find your peace with this situation and continue to thrive in your daily life over just surviving.

Carol Brandt said...

Seth & Melinda
Our kids have been keeping us posted so we have been praying for you all. We will continue to lift you and Micah up in our prayers for his surgery today, for you both and for your family. We pray that God will give you His peace throughout. We love you all! You're in our thoughts and prayers today and always!
Pastor Charlie & Carol Brandt

Jennifer L said...

Found your blog link on BabyCenter the other day. I'll keep Micah in my prayers.

Mikaela said...

Keeping you and your family in mind today and praying for you throughout this tough experience. God is walking this journey with y'all. You are not alone and are in the safe hands of our Creator. He knows what and how your feeling. Lean on Him. Sending our prayers--Luke and Mikaela

Noelle & John said...

FYI - MOTR has been praying for you guys. I was hoping to find any update today. May God be with you and Micah and Noah!