Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Praise the Lord

SOrry it has taken me so long to update. THe last fews days have been crazy!!!!

First Micah is doing great!!!!!!
Surgery went really was hard on Seth and I to let them take Micah for surgery but we made it through. (thank goodness....thank you Lord for the strength). The surgery took about an hour but the prep work in the OR took about an hour so we were without him for about 2 hours.
The surgeon got the whole mass!!!! It ended up being the size of a golf ball. If you remember only 2 1/2 weeks ago it was only the size of a pencil erase, then last Thursday the MRI showed it to be about 1 inch and then when they removed it on Monday it was a golf ball had grown ALOT in two weeks. (Praise the Lord for safe removal of the whole mass!).
The surgeon told us that the preliminary results of the mass show neuroblastoma but that the confirmed results we will find out hopefully later today or tomorrow!!
Micah did so well during and after surgery that they let us go home yesterday. Yes only 24 hours after surgery. He is a trooper!!!
One bummer thing though....Micah's left eye is now droopy and the pupils are not the same size anymore...the dr said he might of stretched or temporarly damaged a nerve when the was removing the mass and Micah has now developed "Horners syndrome" ( think this is the name). It should go away in a few weeks...we hope!!!
Thank you all for prayers!!
Micah is getting fussy so i gotta go but will update more later!!! God is good!!!


Mrs. R said...

Many, many prayers of thanks going up for the flicks!!

Mikaela said...

Praising God for a safe and productive surgery. Praying for you all as you look at the next step.