Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tomorrow is a busy day

Tomorrow is a busy busy day for us here in the Flick house. The day will start by taking Micah to see the chief of oncology at Children's Hospital. We haven't met this guy yet but have been told he's very good. I'm not exactly sure what he's going to tell us that we haven't already heard but I figure if we are moving Micah to Children's we should probably get to know everyone who will be treating him. I thought it would be better to meet with this guy after the MRI but I guess we will be seeing him before. Maybe he will have more information for us about where we are going from here. (the MRI is on Thursday afternoon)
After the appoitment and dropping Seth off at the Sem. I will be heading home to get ready for the Vicarage Assiment service! Yeah!!! We have lived here for 5 years and will finally be going on vicarage, we will finally get to go to this service and be one of the families who's name is called out and told where we will be going in a few short months! The service starts at 3pm.
Ok so maybe it's not as busy of a day as I might of thought, but it's still a very busy and exciting day for us!
We are praying for good news at the Oncologist office and are praying for great news after the MRI. Wouldn't it be great if the doctors all came back to us after the MRI and said they must be mistaken, that there is no mass. That would be awesome. I know God does work miricles, so there is always the possiblity of this happening, but i'm not getting my hopes up for this. Now I don't expect them to find anything else, but then again it's not beyond the rehlem of possiblity as we didn't expect to hear that Micah has a mass in/on his lung (can't wait until that is cleared up...the in or on part, well okay all if it but for sure that) a few weeks ago. I don't know that any parent ever expects to get a phone call where the doctor starts off by saying "I have bad news for you". I kinda think that doctors should be banned from starting off a converstation that way. Your whole world just kinda drops all of a sudden, the world stops moving and all you can think of is the worst possible scenerio. "oh my gosh i'm going to lose my baby". Now the situation isn't that grave (at least as far as we know, please pray that it's not), Micah still has a long road ahead of him, an uphill battle, a scary journey, one that I never ever wanted to have to take. You know when you get the bad news you just want it to be a nightmare, you just want to switch places with your child, you want to be the sick one, the one who has to go through test after test, unfortunately this is not the way it works, but man I would do ANYTHING to make Micah well.

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