Thursday, April 16, 2009

Next week

Next week is going to be a busy but somewhat exciting week for us. On Monday I get to take Noah to his 18 month well baby visit!!!! I am excited to see what the dr has to say about my "BIG" boy. Who by the way is FINALLY walking more than 95% of the time!!! WhooHooo!!! He is so stinking cute and while he doesn't "talk" he does babble and say "yeah" all the time and point to everything! Tonight I asked him where Micah was and he pointed right to him. I've also found Noah laying his head next to Micah's and holding his hand. They love each other already!!!! Noah is already a great big brother!!
On Wednesday morning Micah is going to meet the Chief of Oncology at Children's. We are hoping to find out more answers and opinions to what the next step is with this little guy whom we love so much! Sometime next week Micah will be having a Chest MRI at Children's as well. I'm still not sure if we are going with Children's or St. John's but it's looking more like Children's. We will see though how things go next week.
But the EXCITING part of next week comes at 3pm on Wednesday. We will FINALLY find out where we will be moving to this summer. Seth will be doing his vicarage finally (after 5 years of living here) and we are looking forward to a change in scenery but a little bit nervous to be leaving with all of this going on with Micah.
Good news is that Micah took a nap this morning without his o2 on and his o2 stats stayed between 97-100% (NORMAL RANGE!!!). Usually when he is without the o2 and sleeping he drops into the 65% area and then goes up and down up and down....but not today....maybe this is the start of him getting better at least in one area!!!!
Thank you for the prayers!! Please keep them coming as we still have a long road ahead of us.



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Ria said...


I've been following your story a bit (I think you know my sister Becca and sister in law Liz). Anyway, I've been praying for your whole fam. We have had a very similar journey in a lot of ways and are still one it. If you ever need someone who understands the ins and outs of hospitals esp. with a little baby or just some encouragement feel free to email me (maria (dot) neels at gmail (dot) com ). Our little boys are 18 months apart and our little one started his whole journey with a week stint in the NICU for RSV at 6 weeeks old. Normal for us has become a very fluid notion and we have had to focus on our here and now. Just know you are not alone and although this path is scary, God can carry you when you can't walk a step further. Blessings!