Sunday, August 23, 2009

Uh Oh

Micah started army crawling today! I thought I was looking forward to the day that he became more mobile but now I am dreading it! It's hard enough to keep up with Noah running around all over the place but now I am to chase after Micah as well! On the other hand it is pretty darn cute and he's so excited to have finally figured it out, he pulls himself forward and then squeals in delight! Hopefully i'll be able to get a video of it soon and then i'll post it on here for all to see!

Micah had his 9 month well baby appointment on Friday. I truly enjoy well baby appointments, I go in there not worrying that they will tell me something else or that we need to run some other test. This appointment did not disappointment me! I found out that Micah is weighing in at 23lbs and 4oz and he is 28 inches long...he is in the 75% for everything! He is developmentally on track! He only had to get one shot! We have been referred to a pediatric optomologist though due to his "horners syndrome" in his left eye. If you remember (or don't that's okay) after Micah got through surgery his eye became droopy and the pupil doesn't react the way it is supposed to. The surgeon said that due to the location of the tumor it is possible that he nicked a nerve while removing it, this nerve controls part of the eye. We were told it should correct itself within three weeks of surgery, hasn't fixed it self so we are off to the oncologist on Friday to check and see if it has affected his eye sight in this eye at all. Otherwise we don't need to return to the pediatrician until November when Micah turns a year!

This coming Friday we have an appointment with the pulmonologist in the morning and then the optomologist in the afternoon. Should be a busy day but we are hoping to find out if Micah is going to do another sleep study any time soon and what else (if any) test this pulmonologist thinks need to be done on Micah (we are praying none and that he says he's gonna grow out of it...that's what we hope at least!). Then the following Wednesday Micah has a follow up with his oncologist where we should find out the results of his next urine test...we pray that the numbers go down into "normal" range instead of "up" as if they begin to climb we may have more testing needed in order to find out what is going on.

Noah is great...busy as always. Nothing really new with him other than he's starting to say a few more words! *FINALLY!

Seth and I are doing great. Seth is super busy of course with vicarage. I am enjoying the weather here in MN and loving the town!!! The boys and I will start some parent/toddler classes twice a week starting in Sept!



Monday, August 17, 2009

It's been a while

I know it's been a while since I last updated the blog. Alot has been going on in our lives for the past month or two. We have moved to Minnesota and are pretty much settled into our new house which we LOVE!!!! We are enjoying the town and have found many really neat, close parks that the boys (well Noah) really likes. The boys and I are also enjoying the beautiful weather and go on walks daily, exploring the downtown and finding fun adventures to go on!

Noah is now 22 months and getting bigger and more talkative by the day. I cannot believe that my baby is going to be 2 in 2 short months. He says between 15-20 words which is considered "behind" from what i've read but we aren't too concerned as he definitely lets us know what he wants in one way or another.

Micah is also growing very quickly. He just turned 9 months and will be having his 9 month well baby appointment on Friday! These appointments are the ones I actually look forward to as they generally are easy and we hear about how well he is growing! Micah had his 3 month post surgery CT scan two weeks ago which came back GREAT...he also had his blood taken and a urine test done. The blood work came back great and the urine test was "so so". I'm not sure what it all means or stands for but what I do know is that one of the numbers on the urine test is supposed to be 35 or lower...before Micah had surgery to remove the tumor he was in the 20's which is great, but this last urine test came up at 41. What does this mean? Well it could mean nothing at all or it could mean that his body is hiding more neuroblastoma and we haven't found it. His new oncologist here in Minnesota isn't too worried about it but instead of going back in three months we will be going back monthly for urine test and follow up appointments to keep an eye on the levels and make sure they don't go up any higher. Please pray that the test was just extra sensitive and easily messed up and that his numbers are lower when he goes back in two weeks!
Otherwise Micah is busy busy busy. He's not crawling yet but getting very very close. He has his own personality for sure!
Thank you for all the prayers, please keep them coming!!!!
oh and Micah will see his new pulminologist in about a week and a half.