Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our first cold

Well it's been a while since I last posted anything, i feel as though time just keeps speeding up. I can't believe Noah is already 5 weeks old. Seth and I are constantly amazed at how big he his getting. He changes more and more everyday. It's exciting but also kinda sad. Sad because I want to keep him little, but exciting because I love seeing him grow and change and hope to see more and more of his personality daily.
We have truly been blessed with a wonderful child. Noah is so relaxed and laid back. He is beginning to smile real smiles, not just "I've got gas" smiles. And the other day I thought he was about to start fussing but he was actually just finding his voice a little!!!
This past weekend we had Noah baptised and we had ALOT of family in town for it. It was awesome to see everyone but now it seems that Noah has come down with his first cold. It's so sad to listen to him breath, his nose is all congested and all he wants to do right now is sleep. So needless to say mommy hasn't gotten much sleep lately. But I am lucky to be married to a wonderful husband who came home early from work today to watch Noah so I could get some much needed "good" sleep! What would I do without him?
Noah had his one month Dr. appointment on Friday and he is now weighing in at 11lbs 9oz and 22 1/4 inches long. Yes one big boy!!!! He is in the 95% for weight, 90% for head, and 70% for height, so we grow them "ABOVE" average!!!! HA HA