Monday, November 30, 2009

The Boys

Just a little post to update on the boys:

Noah:  Turned 2 on 10/10/09. 
He's amazing.  A very busy, energetic two year old who is loving, sweet, yet 100% boy!  He LOVES all things trains right now...mostly Thomas the train! 
Noah has been behind on his talking so we had a hearing test done which showed decreased vibration in his ear drums...a second hearing test will be done on Friday to see if there is any change in vibration.  If he is still having decrease vibrations we will have him seen by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor.  Due to his slow speach is in the process of being evaluated by Rochester Early Intervention Program to see if he is in need of speach therapy.  Good news though...his speach has increased dramatically in the past 2 months.  He is finally beginning to put 2 and 3 words together and says well over 100 words on a regular basis! 

Micah:  Turned 1 on 11/13/2009
Also an amazing little boy!  Micah is close to walking, we expect that to happen very soon!  He is talking up a storm for a 12 month old and never ceases to amaze us with what he repeats!  Some of his favorite words are "Bye Bye" "Hi" "Tickle Tickle" "Go" "Thank You"...just to name a few. 
We contiune to be confused with Micah's medical situation.  Micah contiunes to have destats while sleeping and uses supplimental o2. 
He had a sleep study last night and we received the results today.  Unfortuantely Micah's nasal cannula isn't providing enough help with his breathing while sleeping so we will be switching him to a cpap machine or a bipap machine...most likely a bipap.  He contiunes to underbreath causing his co2 levels to rise.  His sleep doctor wants him to meet with a nurse tomorrow to start getting him used to the mask and then we will see the Ear Nose and Throat Dr to see if he needs his tonsils taken out (he has obstructive sleep apnea).  This appoitment is next Tuesday.  On December 18th he will have a follow up sleep study (this will be his 4th in less than a year) to get him acclimated to the new machine. 
We are still without a dignosis, still confused as to why he is struggling with all of this but we are thankful that it is managable right now...we pray it contiunes to be managable! 

Seth and I are doing alright.  We are exhausted and frustrated with Micah's situation.  We both wish Micah was healthy and didn't have to go through alll of this but we are so thankful that we are here in Rochester with the help of the wonderful nurses and doctors at Mayo!

Please contiune to keep Micah in your prayers (as well as the rest of us) as he contiunes to have test run in order to figure out what is truly going on in his little body!  I hope to have more answers to questions after next Tuesdays appoitment with the ENT.