Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Yes yes I know it's been quite some time since I last updated or wrote anything on greatest apologies.  Life has been rather busy for us here in Minnesota.  We are truly enjoying it here (ask me what I think of MN in a month or two when we are drowning in snow). 

The boys and I (Melinda) have been keeping very busy.  Currently we go to two different classes/groups during the week...soon to be three.  On Wednesdays we spend the morning at a church in Bible study...okay well the boys go to their wonderful daycare they have for the moms while I go to Bible study and hang out with some amazing women!!!  The boys seem to enjoy the time with other kids and I definilty enjoy some adult only time!!!!!!  Thursdays Noah and I attend a toddler/twos class (as he will be two in less than a week...ahhhh!).  Noah and I hang out, play, and sing songs together for a while and then the kids go and play and the parents get to talk and dicuss current issues going on with our children lead by an amazing facilitor.  During this time Micah goes to "Sibling care" where he gets to play with another little boy who is the same age as him!  Starting at the end of this month Micah and I will be starting a class on Tuesdays called "tiny toddlers" where we will play with other kids his age and Noah will go off to "sibling care". So yes we will be busy Tuesday-Thursday.  On top of these awesome activites we are meeting some wonderful friends whom have kids the same age and we are doing "playdates". 

Micah is doing pretty darn well.  He is almost 11 months. He has been crawling up a storm (army style).  Pulling to a stand and cruising around the furniture...i see walking in our near future.  SCARY!! (Noah didn't walk until 17 months!).  He also has a tooth and a half (yes they are slowly but surely coming in). And is turning into a HORRIBLE sleeper.  He has totally given up his morning nap but along with this he has been waking for HOURS in the middle of the night allowing mommy and daddy to get great..i mean HORRIBLE sleep cause when Micahs awake so are we. 

Micah was supposed to have a sleep study a few weeks ago but we had to cancel it and need to reschedule due to a cold that we have all been wonderfully blessed with.  (grrr).  Micah now has glasses (not sure if i've shared this in previous post).  He has been cancer free since April!!!!! Praise God!!!  We will have another CT scan sometime this month to make sure all is still going well.  I think that's all for now on Micah.

Noah is going to be TWO on Saturday.  AHHHHHHH!!!! I can't believe it.  Although his attitude sure shows that he's two.  We've had some majoy independence needs lately along with a few tantrums (still).  In the last few months he has begun talking ALOT more and says about 50 words.  We just had his two year dr appoitment on Friday and he is now 35lbs 4oz (down three lbs since his last appoitment) and is 3ft 1 inch!!! He's is finally chartable...he's still >97% but still at least he's on the charts!  We will be having a hearing test in a few weeks for him because of the way he speaks..we just want to make sure it's not caused by hearing issues.  He will also be seeing a  sleep study dr because he "snores" when he sleeps...just for a consult and make sure that all is well with him.  The dr. is just being a little bit more cautious because of all of Micah's history! 

Seth is doing great.  (aside from his cold as well).  He has jumped into his positon and is enjoying it!  He's very busy but is making time for us as well....doing a wondeful job at that as well.  He contiunes to be the most amazing dad and husband!!!

I am also doing well.  Staying busy.  The boys keep me on my toes. 

I'll try to upload a picture later...gotta get ready for church!!!


Melinda ;o)