Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleep study

Micah just had another sleep study on Sunday night...and it went great!  We had him on his bipap machine all night long without issues.  (he actually has been sleeping at night for over 2 weeks with his machine without issues!)...Anyway we got the results of the study on Monday and....drum roll please! 

Micahs apnic episodes went from over 30 an hour without the bipap to........5 an hour with the biapap...this is WONDERFUL news!  The dr feels confident that the bipap is right for Micah and feels that his pulmonilogist will be very pleased!!! So for now the bipap is his way to go!

Micah has a swallow study on June 11th where hopefully they will tell us that he's not aspirating anymore on thin liquids (wishful thinking I am sure as whenever he drinks anything without thickner in it he chokes and coughs...but at least he's coughing and trying to protect his airway). 

Then on June 18th (I think this is the date).  Micah will have another echo to check out the pulmonary hypertension that has developed from his sleep issues...and then we will see his pulmonilogist the same day for the results and where he wants us to go from here....

And on July 20th we will be taking the crew and moving back to the St Louis area for another year! 

We have alot coming up...staying very busy and enjoying the warm weather!


The Flicks

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He did it!

This little guy is AMAZING! He slept all night long (last night) with his bipap ON!!!!!! Praise God!!!!  Patience and Persistence.  God hears our cries and and answers our prayers!!!!!!  Another step in the right direction!