Monday, April 13, 2009

No news is good news?

Hey everyone...well Micah had his CT scan today. It went well. They had a really hard getting the IV in and had to poke him quite a few times. Poor little guy, at least he was already knocked out for that. He also had to have a wonderful (not really) NG tube placed so they could give him the contrast for the test. He did okay with this, didn't like it but it made him feel like he was "full" which was a good thing since he wasn't able to eat anything since midnight.

As for right now we have no idea what the scans said. We haven't heard back from Dr.Bob (Micah's oncologist) yet. Seth called twice and they didn't have the test from the radiologist at that time and I just tried to call and the office is closed. So i'm thinking we are waiting till tomorrow to find out which is really frustrating but i'm hoping that no news means good news. Right now we are praying for no more masses. As for where we go from here....we have no idea. Surgery next week? Possibly. We did get the DVD of the scans so we can get a second opinion from Children's Hospital and Seth and I looked at them but it's like a foregin language to us and we have no idea what we are looking at.

Thank you all for your prayers and constant thoughts and words of encouragment. I promise to update as soon as I get the results.

Again please contiune to pray for no more masses!!!!!!

Seth Melinda Noah and Micah!!!

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