Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beyond Annoyed

I am beyond annoyed right now. Dr. Bob was supposed to call us at 8pm to talk about the next step in this whole ordeal, it is now 8:30 and no call. Seriously if you say you are going to call then call. It's rude and frustrating to say one thing and then not do it. Now I understand that Dr's are busy but Micah is his patient and we need answers. I'm so thankful that we have a second opinion scheduled for tomorrow (April 15th) at 12:45 with a pediatric cardiac thorasthic surgeon at Children's Hospital. The more we are getting jerk around where we are the more I am leaning towards just switching everything to children's.

A few things we did find out today during Seth's brief converstation with Dr.Bob. 1.) Micah has no other signs of masses anywhere in his body!!! 2.) There is a very small chance that they can do a less invasive type of surgery to remove the mass, the Dr. wasn't very confident that this would work though due to the size of the mass (and it's really not that big to start off with). 3.) Micah will be having surgery within the next two weeks. 4.) The stay at the hospital will be at least 5 days, could be more depending on how he does and how his breathing goes. 5.) Dr. Bob was going to try to talk to a few other dr's to see if they felt that it was safe to go ahead with the surgery even though he has breathing issues, if they don't feel it is safe it sounds like we will "wait and see" what the mass does...this is not really the best idea because they can grow and spread. I think that's all I have for now.

I'm sorry some of you have been calling and haven't gotten through to me, i apologize, but right now i'm working in crisis mode, trying to keep my phone open for dr's to call and to be able to call other dr's. I promise to get back to you all in good time.

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