Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Noisy Micah


5Schmidtys said...

Hey guys - Saw a post on the SemWives board about the mass and cancer possibility. Hit my knees for you guys. So much of what Seth has told me and what you've written sounds like what Daniel went through from Nov.-Jan., but it was always just a virus. I'm hugely relieved for you guys to hear that the blood work looks great. If, as you guys start to break down, lose hope, feel alone, or anything else, give us a call. I know you've got great friends and we're not particularly close, but we've been through much of what you're going through right now, very recently. I just fell to my face in desperation a couple of times and one night in particular, as the monitor just kept going off every time I would lay back down on the couch, thought my mind had finally snapped. At any rate, and I mean this, if you think a conversation with either Heidi or myself or both of us might help at all, PLEASE give us a call any time. 314-505-7759 at the new place. Hang in there guys, and be confident that the prayers of so many who love you are carrying the two of you, and especially Micah, through this.
-Erik Schmidt

Jamie said...

What a cute little jumper! You are all in our prayers. Wish we could be closer to help out! Know that Jesus is holding you in the palm of his scarred hands.