Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Update

Don't have much time to post as I need to be getting ready for the vicarage assignment service. Yeah!! Anyway...

Met with the oncologist Dr. H. (he's awesome) He says that the mass/tumor is what is called a para spinal mass most likely neuroblastoma and might be touching the spine/backbone. We will find out more tomorrow after the MRI. The dr said that the mass is behind the lungs and heart (i think this is what he told me). Surgery will most likely be the end of next week or the beginning of the following. After surgery we will find out what he has for sure and what is the next step. As long as they can fully get the mass out then most likely he won't need anymore treatments, if they can't then we will go from there and hopefully have to do the least treatment possible. Don't really have much more to say, hope to get he results of the MRI tomorrow or at the very latest Friday. Will update more when I get more..or maybe tonight to let you all know where we will be moving to this coming summer!!!! WhooHooo!!



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