Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prayers of Thanks

Two things for now:

One: I got a call from the Oncologist office this morning...all of Micah's blood work has come back great....nothing in them to be concerning!!! Yeah!!!!

Two: Micah is scheduled for his second CT scan on Monday the 13th. He will have a head CT and his kidneys CT'd. He again will have to undergo some minor anesthesia but hopefully we will find out more from these scans. We are praying there are no other masses in his little body! We have to be at the hospital by 8:15am and the test is at 11:15am...will update more about the CT come Monday (or whenever we get the results).

Please give up a prayer of Thanks for the blood work being good and a prayer that God will watch over Micah again during his CT scan and that there are no more masses!!!!!!




Halfway Creek said...

So glad to hear about the blood test results! Will definitely say prayers of thanks for that.

Halfway Creek said...

"Halfway Creek" is Jean Pagliaro, by the's our church blogsite. :)