Friday, June 5, 2009

Bone scans and sleep studies

Starting next week we will be having more scans and test done on Micah. Oh the fun begins again. On Thursday the 11th Micah we have a bone scan done to make sure that he is cancer his last bone scan if you remember the radiologist saw "something" on Micah's ribs...the oncologist said most likely it was just "stress" on the ribs from surgery but...we will be rescanning him on Thursday to make sure! Please pray that the scan comes back perfect and that no tumors pop up on the scan....but also pray that if there is a tumor or any cancer in his little body that it does show up on the scan...does this make sense? I guess I am just asking for prayers that he is cancer free but if he's not that it shows up. Oh please also pray that the nurses get the IV in on the first try...he is a HORRIBLE stick!!!!

The following Tuesday (the 16th) Micah will go in and have a full sleep study done. Seth will be taking him to this so I can actually get a full nights sleep!! I am sooooo excited, yet sad that I won't be there with my little one...i've been with him for EVERY test he's had done so far (and he's had ALOT). The sleep study is going to be done so that the Pulminologist can see how Micah's o2 levels go up and down all night long with out o2...i'm hoping they can get the results they need for this test! They will also be checking his co2 levels and so many other things that i have no idea. This test is painless...thank goodness...but he doesn't enjoy having all the leads stuck all over his head and body...i don't think i blame him! He ends up looking like a head trauma patient because they have to wrap his head with gauze to keep him from pulling the leads off...kinda funny and very cute!

We are still waiting for the Child Development Center to call us to tell us when we will be doing the swallow study and am waiting to hear back about the Phox2B gene test for CCHS. I am hoping by the end of the month we know the answer to this and if we will be heading to Chicago to meet with the dr's at Rush or not.

Oh and to top all of this off...we are moving in a little over a month and a 1/2. I think we our move in date is set for July 23rd in Rochester MN...and I haven't even began packing, although Seth and I did tackle part of the basement one night this week and threw out a bunch of stuff and packed up some stuff to give to the resell it shop here at the Seminary!! It's amazing the amount of junk we accumulate!

We are off to Iowa for the weekend. My younger sister is having a baby shower. She is due with a little boy (Isiah Thomas) at the end of the month!
The Flicks!!!

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