Thursday, May 7, 2009

Central line and bone marrow aspiration

Tomorrow Micah will be having surgery again. This time they will be putting in a Central Line and doing his bilateral bone marrow aspiration. I just found out about this today, this afternoon. So the last few hours have been kinda nuts, wrapping my head around the thought of him having surgery again, so soon after the mass removal. I worry about why the dr has decided to go ahead and put in the Central Line. On Tuesday Micah was supposed to have test done but after 8 failed attempts to start an IV the test were canceled and we were told they would be rescheduled for another day. The nurses in the APC unit talked to Dr. H and asked him about a central line and he said then that he didn't want to do it yet because he wasn't sure that Micah would need it. Then today we get a call from Same day surgery saying Dr. H has requested a central line be placed. WHAT? WHY? We have no idea right now. I am hoping that he just feels bad for poor Micah and doesn't want him to have to be poked a million and one times again. I fear though the worst of course but hope for the best. I am praying that the mass that was removed was "favorable" instead of "unfavorable" because unfavorable most likely means a few rounds of chemo while favorable could mean we are done. So anyway, I am most likely just worrying about nothing, but should find out tomorrow more. Please continue to keep our little guy in your prayers.



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Noelle & John said...

Thinking of you and your family today. Happy Mother's Day! Hope everything went well on Friday.