Monday, February 7, 2011

Childrens Memorial Hospital-Chicago

This week is a big week for us.  Micah is at Children s Memorial Hospital in Chicago getting evaluated for CCHS...the disease we've spoken about on many that we were told he had clinically but not genetically...which turns out after a more inclusive test Micah does actual have the genetic component for. Anyway he is in the hospital (Seth is staying with him) having loads of test run to see how this disease is affecting him. 
I am glad he is there but man do I miss those guys.  Being 7 months pregnant makes it hard for me to stay at the hospital and sleep on their pull out couches :o( But I am getting some nice one on one time with Noah.
I'm going to try to keep people updated on here about what we are finding out...i haven't done the best with blogging lately but hope to get back to it!

God's Blessings
The Flicks


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