Monday, December 14, 2009

I wish….


I could say that this is the way Micah looks right now. Crawling around on the floor of our house, working on walking but alas right now this is not the case.


Right now little Micah is laying in his hospital crib in the PICU of the local “children's” hospital feeling pretty puny.  The nurses have been wonderful to him and are working on managing his pain as much as possible.  We have been treated exceptionally well (hint: to be treated well you can bribe the nurses with double cheeseburgers from McDonalds…lol) 

Micah did great during surgery.  The ENT pulled out his tonsils and adenoids and was able to extract some fluid from his lungs for further testing.  We should hopefully receive the results in the next few days of what the fluid in is lungs look like. (to be totally honest I am not even sure what they are looking for, i’m just trusting them). 

As long as all continues to go well Micah will be breaking out of this place tomorrow sometime.  Please pray that he gets to go home as we all do much better when sleeping in our own beds! 

As for Noah, he is getting some wonderful one on one treatment with Papa Flick!  He is having a blast, playing trains and cars! 

Thank you for your prayers.  I hope to have good news of breaking out of here tomorrow.  Until then I sit and reflect on Joshua 1 vs 9. 



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