Saturday, October 27, 2007


The house is so quiet right now, except for a few baby noises as Noah sleeps. Seth and his parents are snoozing away while I sit here just watching our wonderful baby boy rest. Have I said that he's amazing??? He's is awesome!!!!! God has truly blessed us!!! Sleep has been somewhat odd lately, the only time I sleep well is when Seth is awake with Noah and I know he's being taken care of and watched over. I know that God is constantly watching Noah, but I also feel as though God has placed us in Noah's life to watch and keep safe. So, I am sleep deprived ofcourse, but what new mom and dad isn't. I wouldn't change it for anything! Well I think little man is going to wake up to eat in a minute. Here's a picture of him from the other day, he's such a little man!!!

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